Your cells for your treatment: with its family of new generation therapies for hard & soft tissue reconstruction from autologous adipose stem cells
Novadip Biosciences offers a 3D solution without use of scaffold, for better clinical outcomes.

A product family based on a single technology

An innovative family of cell-based regeneration therapies. Novadip Biosciences pioneers the growth of 3-dimensional biologics based on adipose-derived stem cells (ASC), to regenerate hard and soft tissues. ASCs offer sizable advantages in regeneration medicine. The fatty tissue has demonstrated a much higher proportion of stem cells compared to the bone marrow, which is another reservoir

Our Achievements

Since 2013, Novadip Biosciences has been developing breakthrough innovations in cell-based therapies for hard and soft tissue. While our first mission was to treat patients with bone defects and bone diseases, our adipose stem cell-based technology now offers potential for further applications, including skin regeneration.

Market Application

Novadip Biosciences: a family of new generation, 3D therapies based on adipose stem cells, for hard and soft tissue reconstruction.   Market application for NVD-001: bone healing disorders and critical size bone defects with unmet medical needs. Bone healing disorders and critical size bone defects following degenerative conditions, trauma, infection, congenital deficiency or tumour resection