Unique Tissue Regeneration Technology Platform

Novadip has developed a unique tissue regeneration platform capable of generating multiple product classes to transform the lives of patients with limited or no effective treatment options.

A unique platform based on a single technology

Novadip’s  technology platform is a scaffold-free, 3-dimensional extracellular matrix utilizing adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) that mimic the physiology of natural healing to create a range of products  , that address specific challenges in tissue regeneration. ASCs offer significant advantages in regenerative medicine, including being easily harvested and having better osteogenic properties than bone marrow-derived stem cells.

Our Achievements

Since 2013, Novadip Biosciences has been developing breakthrough innovations  for hard and soft tissue regeneration. Using our unique tissue regeneration technology platform, we are developing multiple product classes to provide potential solutions for patients who have limited or no effective treatment options.


Novadip’s approach is to initially address orphan indications for critical size hard and soft tissue reconstruction with autologous cell therapies and then prevalent indications with truly novel off-the-shelf/allogeneic therapies and drug products.